Year in Review

According to my Monica Geller-esque/obsessively-maintained Word doc, 2010’s entertainment highlights included:

  • 199 movies — Bookended by awards season (Crazy Heart, A Single Man, The Kids are All Right, The Town, The Social Network, Black Swan, True Grit and The King’s Speech) and personal favorites (Get Him to the Greek, Toy Story 3, Inception, Easy A, Los Segretos de Sus Ojos and The Fighter). The two obviously don’t always coincide.
  • 51 TV series’ seasons — Sons of Anarchy is my new favorite drama. Lie to Me is a close second.
  • 19 books — Russell Brand, be still my heart. Also enjoyed The Imperfectionists and Scott Pilgrim.
  • 8 Broadway musicals — Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and [title of show] could have been written specifically for me.
  • 7 comedy shows — Ricky Gervais, hands down. Though, seeing Greg Giraldo’s penultimate performance still blows my mind.
  • 5 concerts — Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball will probably remain the most expensive and well-produced show I will ever experience. Until I see her again.