Unanswered last messages sent on OKC/Tinder:

  • You say insecurity, I say self-awareness.
  • I’m a little out of practice, but I’ve got a few in reserve for a future pack/litter(/swarm?): Chaplin, Titus, Dewey, and Wonton. If not for puppies, then *definitely* for kids. Sorry, baby Wonton.
  • It’s a match!
  • In America, they’re alluded to as eggplants; in Britain, one should elude the aubergines.
  • Wow, I don’t remember sending that message at all.
  • Methinks the lady doth make a really good point.
  • Marathoning Buster Keaton. Super cool Saturdays, you know.
  • The best thing I’ve ever found in an Easter egg was a Pixar movie.
  • I’m generally a fan of single digits: noses on a face, cupcakes eaten in one sitting, missing toenails, etc. But when it comes to the temperature, those digits can just fuck right off.
  • It’s a match!