Movie Round-up

It’s becoming painfully obvious that I don’t have many hobbies outside of “sitting on my ass” and “watching stuff.” Hey, at least I’m good at it.

So in that vein, I spent my weekend with Jeff Bridges friends and family. Saw Tron (:Legacy) again—man, what eye candy. I’m talkin’ to you, Garret Hedlund. You too, Olivia Wilde. The special effects were a’ight. At least there wasn’t an interesting plot to distract me.

I’ve always wondered what Jews do on Christmas, so I partook in their Christmas Eve tradition and saw True Grit. I haven’t seen the original nor have I read the book, but I am now much more interested in checking out both. I can’t say that I understood more than 70% of the dialogue, but I think that has more to do with the Coen brothers in general than it does with the 1870s Arkansas vernacular. Bridges will forever be The Dude, but after seeing Crazy Heart last year, I can see why he’s this year’s go-to guy. You go, Jeff Coco.

And now that I’ve vowed to stop rearranging my Netflix queue, I finally watched Requiem for a Dream. Talk about a white Christmas. Jared Leto, you will forever be Jordan Catalano, but at least it was better than that bullshit Chapter 27. And the jury’s still out on your music career.