For the past couple of weeks, everyone and their mother keeps asking if I'm considering vegetarianism because of this book.

Eating Animals

In retrospect, I guess the cover does imply pro-vegetarian content. I was blind to that, initially, and saw this as a work of non-fiction by one of my favorite authors. You are a devilish wordsmith, Jonathan Safran Foer, with your nondiscriminatory reporting and your attention to too-gruesome-to-ignore detail.

It took me almost two weeks to get through because, while excellent, it was so difficult to digest. Now, I read The Jungle in high school, and I’m pretty sure my first meal afterward/during was a hamburger. It probably had something to do with the that’ll-never-happen-to-me mindset everyone subscribes to at fourteen. See: Teen Mom.

Enter hypochondria. And this book. The combination has pretty much fucked me up… real good.

I’ll spare you (who am I kidding, this was TL;DR by line 3) the passages that may be the impetus for my conversion, but I’m seriously turned off to eating animals, at the moment. Go figure.

Indifference, thus far, had been meaty bliss.