A bowl o' jokes

  • Avoiding Ebola jokes like the plague.
  • In past 24 hours in America, someone with a gun killed more people than Ebola.
  • I’m voting for Ebola in the next election.
  • So sick of hearing about Ebola everywhere: the news, social media, a bowling alley.
  • The CDC is also admitting fault for the Taylor Swift album leak.
  • Man, Ebola’s really getting around — by way of air, train, and even Über.
  • A year from now, we’re all gonna laugh about how we overreacted to the Ebola epidemic. Well, maybe not all of us.
  • Ebola puns have been done to death.
  • The silver lining to Ebola in New York is that it’s given Susan something else to talk about at the hypochondria support meetings.